Oct 31


Nov 1, 2018

Session 1 Keynote Lecture 1
09:00-10:00 Austin Smith
Capacitation of human naive pluripotent stem cells for multilineage differentiation
10:00-10:30 Group Photo and Break
Session 2 Stem cells and Development
10:30-11:05 Patrick P Tam
Functional intersection of signalling activity and lineage allocation for embryonic patterning during gastrulation
11:05-11:40 Naihe Jing
Developmental spatial transcriptome reveals lineage segregation of three germ layers in post-implantation mouse embryos 
11:40-13:30 Lunch
Session 3 Adult stem cells and Diseases
13:30-14:05 Francois Guillemot
Stem cell heterogeneity in the adult brain
14:05-14:40 Bin Zhou
Lung regeneration by multipotent stem cell residing at bronchioalveolar junction 
14:40-15:15 Christine L Mummery
Cardiovascular diseases and drugs: hiPSC models moving forward
15:15-15:45 Break
15:45-16:20 Bing Liu
Tracing hematopoietic stem cell emergence in early mouse embryo at single-cell resolution
16:20-16:55 Yi Zeng
Protein C Receptor In Regulating Mammary Stem Cells And Breast Cancer
17:00- Dinner

Nov 2, 2018

Session 4 Gene editing and Animal model
09:00-09:35 Weizhi Ji
09:35-10:10 Shoukhrat Mitalipov
Applications of gene editing for correcting mutations in human embryos 
10:10-10:25 Break
10:25-11:00 Jinsong Li
Haploid ESC-mediated gene editing
11:00-11:35 Wensheng Wei
Dissection of functional big data through high-throughput CRISPR screens in biological contexts 
11:35-12:10 Hui Yang
CRISPR-mediated Gene Therapies
12:10-13:30 Lunch
Session 5 Reprogramming and Cell fate conversion
13:30-14:05 Josef M Penninger
From haploid stem cell to blood vessel engineering
14:05-14:40 Hongkui Deng
Small Molecule-induced Cell Fate Reprogramming
14:40-15:15 Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte
Tissue Regeneration and Organismal Aging
15:15-15:50 Lijian Hui
Cell Identity Conversion and Liver Regeneration
15:50-16:10 Break
Session 6 Keynote Lecture 2
16:10-17:10 Qi Zhou
17:30- Dinner